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Modellflugshow mit dem Weltmeister im Modellflug.

Entertain your guests with a model air show from the world champion in model airplaning.

Spectacular, innovative, colourful and so creative, a professional show would be an unforgettable, and unusual, mountain wedding experience!

In short - THE "MUST - HAVE" of any wedding!

Video Model Air Show

Dried Edelweiss, hydrangeas, daisies, roses and much more make up the wide range of floral decoration from our chosen specialist florists who attach great importance to the individuality of the newlyweds in the selection of colors, flowers, materials.

Whether decorating the venue, design of the bridal car, lapels or the bridal bouquet - each flower is treated like a special piece of jewellery

Blumen für DekoInterior Decoration Interior Decoration
Interior Decoration Interior Decoration Interior Decoration Interior Decoration Interior Decoration Interior Decoration Interior Decoration Interior Decoration Interior Decoration Exterior DecorationExterior Decoration

... The first impression must be the most beautiful

Exterior DecorationExterior DecorationExterior Decoration
Exterior DecorationExterior DecorationExterior Decoration

Exterior Decoration

Our partner master bakers can make your wedding cake to your heart’s desire - traditional, chocolate, vanilla cream, seasonal fruits - beautifully decorated and in all sizes, colours and tier numbers!

Staying true to our motto: “Baking is devotion - feasting is no sin"

Wedding CakeWedding CakeWedding Cake

A perfect end to a perfect day, let our colourful, artistic fireworks display amaze you and your guests.

Fireworks on the mountain - the highlight of every wedding on the mountain!


Fireworks Video

"Cooking is devotion - Savour without guilt!"

Whether you wish to enjoy Tyrolean specialties or international cuisine - let yourself be pampered at 1,580 meters above sea level!


The curtain rises - and your journey begins!

Capture your special day and never let go.
Our photographer can join you for as little or as long as you wish!



For a non-religious wedding, we can offer a “Free Wedding”. This can follow your official ceremony in the town hall, or be held by itself, regardless of sex, nationality or beliefs. A free wedding can take place anywhere at any time and be conducted by our partner Wedding Officiant who will get to know you and tailor the ceremony to your wishes, ensuring your ceremony is exactly as you imagined it.

Free WeddingFree WeddingFree Wedding


Great music is considered an indispensable element of any wedding

Whether singers, DJ, electric or acoustic band, traditional or modern - you give us the tone - we make the music :)


How much horsepower do you want? :)

Horsedrawn carriage by beautiful “Haflinger” horses, a Bugatti, or a hummer!

Bridal CarriageBridal CarriageBridal Carriage
Bridal CarriageBridal CarriageBridal Carriage

Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess for just one day?

Our professional stylist will work with you to develop your preferred hair and makeup for the day. A trial can be arranged in the days before the wedding to ensure everything is as you wished - you will be transformed from a woman, to a bride!

Hair & StyleHair & StyleHair & Style

... Sadly we are not the weather gods, but we are ready!

In case of problems, we rely on our deployable "roof over your head," so your ceremony can still take place as planned!

Fancy Las Vegas style, “back to the 70’s”, Star Wars, or a Medieval theme? - The sky's the limit!



Do you want an active, outdoor or sporty theme for you and your guests? We can arrange:

  1. Guided Hiking
  2. Guided mountain biking
  3. Guided "Flying Fox" + climbing the high ropes course
  4. Guided rafting